Circulating Oils Library Mixtures – Regenerating – moisturizing evening facial mask




15 millilitre 


4 drop(s) 


2 drop(s) 


1 tea spoon(s) 


100 millilitre


Finally, I discovered the best moisturizing mask. For me this is better than expensive and synthetic face masks. In fact after mask my face becomes moisturized, face pairs are thinned down to a minimum size, after use it I didn’t recognize itching or reddening effect. I think the mask is ideal suits for sensitive skin, as well as the sensitive eye area. People with allergies also may use it.

About ingredients:

Aloe vera juice is the main ingredient in this mask. You can use the procured aloe barbadensis juice product, but freshly squeezed aloe vera juice several times better. Health – care practitioners use aloe vera to treat skin disorders, wounds, sunburn, radiation burns and dermatitis. They are rich in vitamins and minerals (calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, folic acid, amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E).

We also use a few drops of organic sodium hyaluronate. Producers of organic products, hyaluronic acid extracted from bacteria in bio fermentation principle. We will continue to speak only about this type of hyaluronic acid. Sponges principle acting hyaluronic acid able to attract up to a thousand times more moisture than it is in own weight and has a particularly strong moisturizing and skin rejuvenating properties.

Rose otto can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and promotes collagen production. Rose oil brightens the skin, regenerates, protects against wrinkles. It is suitable for mature skin but also suitable for young skin as well. This essential oil perfectly heals face wounds and pimples. I personally diluted this essential oil with walnut base oil (Diluted 1: 5) and then drip this mixture in my face mask. Such as in this case, I take 10 ml walnut oil bottle and add 3 drops rose essential oil, everything mix together, then I take 4 drops this mixture and add in to my face mask.

Walnut oil I use because it is very suitable for oily skin. You can use what do you like in your dilution.

We also need a cotton piece of cloth, cloth absorbs liquid and than we will place it on the face. Cotton piece you can cut a hole in the nasal opening, lips and eye areas left indoors because this mask can be treatment for lips and eye area. Another option you can take used mask fabric and use it (of course it should be washed). I currently use a medical bandage, I did not cut holes because it is comfortable to breathe thru it.

We will also use green tea for its antioxidant properties. You can use chamomile tea.

How to make this mixture:

First make a cup of green tea and leave it to stand until it cools down.Put a piece of cotton material into tea cup.

Remove an aloe vera leaf from an aloe plant by cutting it at the base with a pair of scissors or a kitchen knife. Clean off any dirt from the leaf by gently scrubbing it with a wet toothbrush. Rinse the leaf under running water. Slice the spines off the sides of the leaf with a sharp kitchen knife. Cut the leaf in half vertically and extract the gel inside with a spoon.

I add rose dilution and hyaluronic acid drops in to aloe vera juice and mix all together. Leave everything to stand couple of minutes.

Remove cotton material from tea and squeeze it, then take it in aloe vera juice. Wait until the material absorbs all liquid, then you can take it on your face. This mask you can hold 15 -30 minutes.

Maybe everything looks quite complicated, but basically it’s more than simple, it is worth to make and to understand what it means luxury face mask.


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