Ingredients – Caviar Extract (Acipenseridae Species)

Caviar Extract (Acipenseridae Species)

Description: Macerated in water and glycerin roe caviar.

Solubility: Soluble in water (water soluble)

Recommended dosage: Between 2% and 10%

Scientific name: Fucus vesiculosus L. Belongs to the class Phaeophyceae class.

Recommendations: The color or transparency of plant extracts can evolve after production without affecting the product properties. If turbidity should be filtered before use.

Storage conditions: It is very important to keep the product in tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and at temperatures not exceeding 5 ° C. In case you do not have refrigerators, store the product in the cooler area as possible and free from artificial light.

“There’s no standardization or regulation behind this ingredient name. It can essentially mean any extract or partial extract or oil from fish eggs, with no specific fish in mind. The Caviar we eat usually comes from Sturgeon or Salmon, but Caviar Extract might come from any number of fishes that may or may not have a similar nutrient profile.” – Brian Barron, a professional beauty mythbuster and co-author of “The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here“.

Caviar is the name given to the roe of some Acipenseridae species. Through history, Caviar has been considered as a synonym for refinement. The taste for sturgeon roe was initiated by Persians.

The Extract of Caviar is obtained Caviar prepared from egg various salmonids and grown in fish farm. No sturgeons of the real Caviar is produced. Although from a gastronomic point of view this is much tastier, for natural cosmetics they are very similar.

Caviar Extract is obtained by an original method with a mixture of water and glycerin, at a temperature between 50 and 60C with German Caviar Lumpfish or roe.
It is advisable to previously dissolve the extract in a part of water intended for the preparation of the final product and filter after about 12 – 24 hours at rest. Often it used in products for mature skin that needs intense nutrition in order to return all items to be lost over the years.

Caviar Extract can be used into a creams or moisturizing base extracts. If you want a lighter, oil-free feeling you can choose the carbomer based gel with Caviar Extract.

Chemical structure:

The extract obtained from Caviar contains proteins, essential amino acids (vital protein components), Vitamins A, E, D, B complex, lipids and trace elements.
The amino acids such as glutamic acid, methionien, lysine, arginine, histidine and aspartic acid are essential for cell metabolism.

The average amino acid composition of the protein in the Caviar: Isoleucine (5,2), Lysine (8,8), Methionine (9,0), Cystine (3,0), Phenylalanine (1,2), Tyrosine (4,4), Treonine (3,8), Tryptophane (5,1), Valine (1,0), Arginine (6,1), Histidine (6,3), Alanine (3,1), Aspartic acid (6,6), Glutamic acid (11,7), Glycine (14,2), Proline (5,4), Serine (4,2).


Caviar Extract has moisturizing and emollient properties because of its hygroscopic, water-retaining substances, which improves hydration of the horny layer. Additionally, it has native properties due to high protein and amino acids contents.

Studies have led to the conclusion that Caviar helps, especially, the process of skin rejuvenation. This is because the chemical composition of these cells resembles that of young cells of the epidermis, with high doses of essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

The use of Caviar Extract is fully recommended in moisturizing and notional perpetrations and it can be used in preparation for aged and wrinkled skins.


The cosmetic benefits of Caviar are known since the mid-twentieth century, where the Caviar has become one of the most selective and exclusive cosmetic ingredients.

Caviar Extract is a great asset aging. Repairs, reaffirms, stimulates and moisturizes while protecting it from solar aggression. Its main use is in skin creams and hair masks.

Anti-aging, repairing, firming and moisturizing: proteins containing Caviar improve hydration and elasticity of the skin smoothing and firming the tissues. Vitamins having an important role in protection, correction and cell renewal, both skin and hair. Due to this, they are used in creating cosmetic products restorative, anti-aging and conditioning skin and hair action.

Stimulating and revitalizing: also has several nutrients that stimulate and revitalize the natural balance of the skin.  Antioxidants and light protection: the rich composition of Vitamins A having the Caviar makes it a very important antioxidant active. It protects tissues from sun exposure and damage caused in the epidermis. Therefore, many laboratories use it in their formulas to create protective sunscreens for hair.


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